Our Top 3 Bottom Wear Picks this Season

Every woman is now fashion conscious and wants to stay up to date with fashion and its on-going trends. The trends of fashion industry whether it's in terms of accessories or clothing, keep changing frequently. Fashion industry, as we know it, has been evolving in accordance to the demands and requirements of its users.

Fashion industry has evolved immensely as well as taken different aspects of clothing designs to suit every day lifestyle of its users. Bottom wear as a clothing category has flexible options to choose from to keep your wardrobe vibrant and chic, be it ethnic or casual bottom wear these staples are always a must have.

We at Newrie, provide you with the most fashionable and comfortable women bottom wear. Newrie has got everything you need. So, what are those mandate staples that are must have for all you trendy women out there?! The answer lies in the following revelation:

• Culottes: the pants that were worn and brought in fashion by European men. These pants however have now found place among the trending yet the most bought article by women. It is a flared pant just few inches above ankle or few inches below from the knees, which make it aesthetically appealing and really regal. Culottes can be styled with a T-shirt or a cropped top as one wants. One other aspect of the culottes is that it can also be paired with ethnic kurtas for any occasion thus, becoming an ethnic bottom wear. A ladies bottom wear that can be paired with anything from formal to casual.

• Flared Trousers: Flared pants are wide-legged pants that every woman prefers. These ladies bottom wear is the best type and is a perfect goer for summers as we all know tight fitted pants are a turn off unless it’s made out of a soft and light fabric. These pants are extremely comfortable and voguish at the same time. It can be paired with a Kurta, Shirt, T-shirt, Blazer and what not! A nice long Kurta paired with them is perfect fit for festivals and if you want to go out just toss over a t-shirt and Voila! you are ready. Make a nice statement with these Flared Trousers which not only change your look but wardrobe also.

• Palazzos: In the recent years this form of women bottom wear has gained a lot of attention and huge popularity. They are super comfy and are now replacing everyday staples. Palazzos are the most versatile bottom-wear. From formals to party wear, you have got it all covered with palazzos. These are made from comfortable fabrics such as Cotton, Chiffon, Silk, etc. they are loose-fitted and wide legged. Style your palazzos with anything from a kurti, T-shirt or a cropped top to a blazer, either way you will make heads turn!.

Newrie have got all you beautiful ladies covered with our wide range of chic and comfy bottom wear available in wide array of vibrant colors!