A new season means shopping to update your wardrobe. Sometimes we go overboard well, actually a lot of times we do. Making our closet trendy is half of the reason behind shopping.

We always have a budget which always gets exceeded and even if it doesn’t, we land up buying only few things and somewhere are left unsatisfied. While, sometimes the shopping goddess is kind on us and we end up having some amazing picks that to in budget! That day is always the happiest in the books.

Many people on other hand like to go to regular fashion flea markets for some good haul shopping and there is nothing wrong in that at all. After all, getting maximum in a set budget is the ultimate goal. Let’s admit it we sometimes do find some charm there which are way nicer than what we have gotten from the malls.

What if we told you that you can get that haul experience online? What if we told you that your budget won’t end in rounding up only two bottom wears when you need to buy more? What if we told you that you will get all the trendy looking bottom wears and top wear online? Shocked to hear this aren’t we? After all online is cheap but not always and plus we all have our doubts about the quality.

Not to worry on all those aspects when NEWRIE is here! For those people who just love to shop and buy some amazing stuff under budget you have got yourself a crime partner.
Starting from a low range to high, Newrie provide you with the best bottom wears and casual top wear. We all have seen how bottom wear be it even a cotton palazzo costs so much that we end rounding out only 1-2 bottoms even if we need more. For all that chaos to be normal, we provide you the best picks under 499 for your entire bottom wear love and some cool casual t-shirts.
1. Are you one of those people who just love to wear cool, casual t-shirts with the most comfort around? Well look no further, we have you covered. How about pairing a simple, comfortable t-shirt which has amazing comfort fabric with a pair of high waist jeans and mules! To add the touch over-size hoops with the whole attire is a win-win .

2. Comfort pants or apartment pants were a term which became famous thanks to our favorite Rachel Green from FRIENDS. There is nothing like comfort pants. Sometimes, we only limit ourselves to wearing it with tees but you can do so much more with them. Pair the comfort pants with an over-size shirt half tucked from the front with pair of sneakers and a high messy pony tail. To finish the look, carry a sling bag. Voila! You are set to step out in comfort (ness). P.S. A small tip, comfort pants are a perfect fit when paired with a kurta too.

3. People who just love ethnic and its vibe, Newrie here provides you with the best, comfortable, amazing stretch churidar and ankle leggings for you smart kurtas or tee-shirt dresses. Always try to mix-match with kurta and type of leggings you wear. A contrast or play of colors always brings out the bottom wear more effectively.

4. Lastly in the age of new normal, we need our new fashion samples which are masks! We cannot forget our fashion game without masks. It is extremely important and necessary. Give all your outfits an amazing twist with masks by NEEWRIE.

So, have a wonderful shopping experience under your budget and enjoy the trendy outfits while you make a haul!